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Who ever anywhere will read these written words?

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18th September 2009

4:47pm: Florence + The Machine are coming in November!!
I must go!!

31st August 2009

2:30pm: Oh my goodness, Shawn Desman is back, and he has hair, and he's really good looking.
What? How?

High Park adventure tomorrow, I'm excited.

I've decided I should just start wearing cologne.

5th August 2009

8:16am: Ooh, it's gorgeous outside.
I wonder what I shall wear today.

31st July 2009

5:10pm: Why is it every time I wish to go onto ROSI, it's closed?
Do websites really have hours of operation?

On a side note, I'm interested in coloured denim.

5th July 2009

4:17pm: I need to find out ways to make more money.
Aside from the job I already have, are there any quick suggestions?

8th June 2009

5:35pm: Suddenly it's all anxiety, but the good kind.

19th May 2009

8:51pm: It's official, plane ticket bought (um, I hope, the internet is rather sketchy) I'm going to Englaaaand.
Oh god, I think I may die.

26th April 2009

6:37pm: Are exams over yet?

6th October 2008

11:40pm: Bobby, does this mean you're Jewish now?

25th July 2008

8:45pm: Dear Andrew Vanwyngarden, you are as sexy as they come.

I think I have silver polish under my fingernails.
I am still getting used to fingernails.

I ought to quit everything and become a maid.

24th May 2008

11:50pm: I'm tired and I want to go to France.

I've decided that the setting, and it's aesthetic qualities, plays a major role in whether or not I like a film.

16th May 2008

10:49pm: I'm tired. I tried sleeping, but I'm just not in the mood.
I'm not used to having finger nails, and the way they tap against the keys is both exciting and uncomfortable.

I have yet to understand how people succeed in buying things that cost next to nothing. My mother says I'm just too picky, and I'm aware I'm picky, but in this particular instance, I believe her reasoning to be wrong.

I'd love to stand in a wheat field, peasant top or dress a flutter; I happen to think it would be very inspirational, if not for anyone else but an indie artist.

I'm quite content to sit all day and read. I fear I'm developing an addiction to orange pekoe; I, who would never touch tea let alone anything that would leave a caffienated residue on my tongue.

11th May 2008

2:41pm: I want to spend lots of money I don't have.
I need a job I suppose.

29th March 2008


Because this is where I'd like to be right now.

28th June 2007

9:48pm: Today I was paid $8.76/h to eat a veggie burger, swing on a swing, get drenched and smash into people on a slip n' slide, and make up a dance routine to Everybody (Backstreet's Back).

Mmm, most delicious $78.84 I've ever made.

I also found out my camp was cancelled next week due to lack of participants, which means, if I don't have to fill in for another girl at a different location, I get a week off to plan some more. Granted I really should be confering with my partner, but I can't wait around to make plans with people. I think it's still fair if I make day plans and then ask him for his input on the matter. Not that he gives much input when I ask him anyways.

I like a boy who plays the tamborine and has the most brilliant profile.
I need to dry my hair now, and brush the cheesecake off my teeth.

25th November 2006

11:23pm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5EmCKbWS6c&NR

Is it any wonder I love them so?
This movie owns my heart.

13th September 2006

3:23pm: Arms touching arms
legs touching legs.

Oh god, so sexual.

11th September 2006

9:38am: Can someone please remind me never to drink vodka again.

I want to puke my brains out - although I did it twice last night.

AND being the classy broad I am, I admitted my crushes to two people. (the only two people)


The room is still spinning, this is the most disgusting feeling in the world.

People are such sweethearts though.

Make it stoppppppp

10th September 2006

9:45pm: I feel like crying.
I'm a loser.

That is all.

21st August 2006

9:18pm: I'm convulsing with disgust, my mother made me sign up for this:


and it cost $125.

She essentially paid $125 for me to stay as far away as humanly possible FROM these people because I refuse to participate.

I'm going to cry.

12th August 2006

7:15pm: I am a complete Anglophile. I decided to paint my room English Meadows based entirely on the name.

Visited dearest Kevin today, we trekked to the cemetary outside Belfountain, then to the second-hand bookstore where I inherited The Kittredge Shakespeares Othello, Slyvia Plath's The Bell Jar (what love!) and Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway- all for the wonderful price of $2.

Then Kevin suggested we walk to Erin for milkshakes, so the rest of my visit was spent walking to Erin (3 km), finding a dead rabbit who I christened in death Charles Feswick (the poor soul), getting a free bottle of water from some radio station rep, drinking my delicious strawberry milkshake (not worth 3 km), being harrassed by some guy sponsoring Hello Kelly *who mind you tried to tempt us with pizza and pop! and then walking the 3 km back.

Blazing heat! I've been sunburnt.

Now my feet smell, and I'm all icky.

However I was provided with an English Penguin chocolate bar which was not only straight from England and mighty tasty, but provided me with the interesting fact that dreamt is the only word in the English language that ends in "mt". We'll just add the wrapper to my foreign items collection.

Jessica Clark should be arriving soon, we're making cookies for Chris' picnic tomorrow.

That is all.

2nd August 2006

7:19pm: I don't like the internet.

It breaks my heart.

When the hell did everyone get so attractive?!

That is all.

1st August 2006

6:59pm: Today in Ikea some two year (or will be two on Saturday) attempted to steal my necklace from around my neck. Oh the dear little crow, the way he was attracted to that shiney heart. And that grip!

Let me just say that Ikea is a very exciting place. Not only did I get fabulous yellow and green cups (for 50 cents each- the bargain!) but I, or rather my brother, found a nickel hidden behind some cushions (bringing me up to $206.05).

So, I did get into Women's Studies (after being on a waiting list), meaning my courses will be as follows: Philosophy, Women's Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology and English. I take it I'll have to sign up for journalism next year, but that's fine because my cousin says she's attending a first year course in her third year. Oooh I'm promised free frosh wear AND a laundry bag full of free samples, all for the low low price of $110 (?)

What I just don't understand is why you have to pay so much [per course]. Naturally that's because I'm a naive little girl who likes to imagine things aren't as expensive/outrageously priced as they really are (unfortunately I'm beginning to find out).

I also realizing I'm evolving slowly, but very slowly.

I really...can't eat meat any more, it's so putrid. One can't survive on peanut butter and banana sandwiches however, even if on flax/sunflower/whole grain/9 grain/pure fibre/bran bread. Perhaps if I toss in some grapes...oh Gillian McKeith!

I really need to do something thrilling before the summer's over. Go...somewhere? But where. Where can one go? Naturally one can go anywhere, but you'd have to be in an anywhere situation to do that. I don't think currently I'm in an anywhere situation. I'll think some more about it and return back to you.

Anyways, that is all.

30th July 2006

9:47pm: Oh how awful.

Tomorrow's the last day of July.
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